KJV Clothing Company is not just a clothing brand, it’s a way of life! We are not just offering KJV Bible Apparel to show your passion for the King James Bible – it IS our passion!

KJV Clothing Company was founded with the King James Bible Based, God Honoring, Conservative Christian in mind. KJVCC is not looking to provide you with the same Christian apparel you can find in any Christian bookstore, or even other online stores – we strive to be unique and different.

We take an aggressive approach to Christian T-Shirts as opposed to the apologetic and often worldly stance found on most “Christian” apparel. Many Christian T-Shirts denigrate Gods word, His work and His mission by using ad slogans, beer jingles, poorly chosen images, worldly quotes and out of context scripture references. Most of the shirts are tasteless and some are downright theologically questionable. Light has no place for darkness, Good has no communion with evil; how then, shall the World learn the gospel through clothing that depicts the enemy of our Lord Jesus Christ, yet is claimed to be made for Him? These are some prime examples of the complete trivializing of the message of Christ, and the silliness that is being passed off as “Christianity” in the 21st century.

Our mission, our goal, our passion is to provide people all over the world with a great selection of  KJV Bible Apparel at excellent prices, an easy-to-use secure and informative website, and outstanding customer service. We want to restore faith in God’s word and to assure believers that we have it perfectly in the King James Bible. God inspired His word, and promised preservation because inspiration without preservation is worthless. Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.”


How KJV Clothing Company came to be…

On July 28, 2016 I unexpectedly had a Cardiac Asystole. My wife and sons just got me to the ER and after arriving, I died in front of them. I was gone for 48 seconds. The ER nurses and doctor jumped into action and were able to bring me back. A day my family and I will never forget! Shortly after, I was transported to another hospital and a pacemaker was implanted thinking it was an electrical issue with my heart. 10 weeks following the implant, after being cleared to work and drive, I collapsed at the wheel going 75 mph on cruise on the interstate at the busiest time of the afternoon. A witness said I slumped over the wheel and slammed a concrete wall on the right, went across the median and into 3 lanes of oncoming traffic (didn’t hit anyone) and slammed into the concrete on the left side of the interstate. I received a compressed spine fracture (the neurosurgeon said I cracked my foundation, basically snapped in half) and I received a concussion. I am only 46 years old. Why was all this happening to me? Though I will never be the same, I survived not 1, but 2 miracles of living! Today, I am very happy to say I am still here and with my precious family who was with me through it all.

Following the accident during recovery, I had nothing but time so I spent all of my time reading the KJV bible. I read every moment, studied and prayed, being in God’s True Word. It was my strength to survive and make it every day. It was where I needed to be and I am glad that is where I was. I am thankful for every moment I have. To know I went into 3 lanes of oncoming traffic and didn’t hit anyone, Jesus had to have been with me during my accident as I had no control or even knew what was going on. When my wife went to get my things from the car, ironically, all of my biblical things (Bible, notes, etc.) were right under my car seat. We feel this was a sign that He was there and protected me.

All of this brought me closer to the Lord, to live in His fullness and spread His True Word. By what happened to me, I can share that He is real, He is faithful and He will give you strength in times of trouble.

Be thankful for each moment you have, live your life fully, be good and kind to others, forgive, help others in need. PRAY. LOVE. BELIEVE.

In Jesus’ Service

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